Hose Buddy Systems, LLC

“The Oldest and Most Reliable Hose Management System on the Market”

Hose Buddy Systems, LLC is based in Dallas, North Carolina USA. The company provides high-quality hose holders for CPAP machines.

The HoseBuddy CPAP Hose Holder was designed by a CPAP user to ease the use of his own CPAP sleep apnea treatment after tangled hoses caused nights of frustration and lost sleep. Sleep Apnea patients using CPAP will find the HoseBuddy Hose Holder a welcome aid.

In Europe, Oxigo distributes the HoseBuddy and Travel Buddy; both top-notch appliances for CPAP hoses.

The HoseBuddy CPAP Hose Holder fits between your bed and mattress to lift your CPAP hose above you while you sleep. The arm swivels back and forth as you turn, keeping you from rolling over on the hose or having to wake up and make adjustments during the night.
The HoseBuddy consists of only a few parts of solid steel, making it extremely durable and easy to assemble.
The Travel Buddy is recommended for travel use. Designed as a light weight alternative to the HoseBuddy.


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